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How You Can Identify Real Hair Extensions from the Synthetic Types

If you want to look beautiful in hair extensions, it is advisable to choose the natural types as they offer more benefits and preserve your natural hair. When you are purchasing an extension for the first time, it can be challenging to know the synthetic types and the real hair extensions. The following are the essential details which you can follow to ensure that you are buying the natural hair extensions.

When checking the details of the hair you should, pull a strand and put it on a burning flame to help you know if it is real or fake. When you expose the synthetic hair to fire, it softens to create a rubber-like smell and black smoke while natural hair burns immediately and curls itself into a small ball.

It is easy to get real human hair extension when you identify some of the top dealers in these beauty products. Reading through the comments of previous buyers can help you to identify the top-rated sellers so that you are sure of getting the natural hair.

You should concentrate on the color of hair extension because only a few changes can happen in a natural hair. You are likely to purchase a natural hair extension when you go for the dark-colored types such as the black or the brown types. You can always die the extension after some time if you want to have a different color.

You should pay attention to the prices of the hair extension as it can guide you towards the best types. Even if you are getting price discounts on the human hair extension, you should always be prepared to pay more as compared to the synthetic hair to show that you are purchasing the best types.

It is natural to shed off some strands of hair when brushing, but when several strands of hair fall off, it can be an indicator of synthetic types. You should confirm that the edges of the weaves are perfectly sewn together to avoid falling off, and you should use wide-tooth combs beginning from the tip and ending with the roots.

The sure indicators of natural hair includes curling up when exposed to water and you should always check such motion. The natural hair extensions will tangle when they are long and in huge volume and you should only worry when they tangle excessively.

After you understand the basics to look for in natural hair extension, it becomes easy to select the ideal types which will compliment your skin color. You should also put more effort in finding some of the best sellers of these beauty products.

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